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Fair Trade Sale

Contact the Parish Office to join one of these Parish Teams.

Team: Greeters / welcoming our people to weekend liturgies

Team: Monthly Hospitality / coffee and treats after Sunday Masses

Team: Family Faith Hospitality / hospitality at family sacrament and special Mass celebrations

Team: Martha and Mary / cleaning and maintenance of our altar and worship spaces

Team: Material Display Team / displaying materials, envelopes in pews, special notices, flyers

Team: Fair Trade Team / providing fair traded products to our parish members one weekend monthly Team: Family Usher team / recruiting new ushers form our younger families to assist our present ushers Team: Mass/Special Liturgy Set-Up Team / arranging participants in monthly family liturgies

Team: Family Serving Team / recruiting families to serve at weekend liturgies

Team: Family Liturgy Team / Arranging participants in monthly family liturgies

Team: Proclaimer of Word Team/ preparation and formation for our weekly and seasonal Readings

Team: Acolyte Serving Team/ training and coordinating altar servers

Team: Art and Environment Team/ weekly and seasonal liturgical decorating

Team: Give Central Team / developing the online giving stewardship of our people

Team: Stewardship team / developing our members' material, service and volunteer efforts

Team: Saint Eulalia Team / developing our material, service and spiritual relationship with St. Eulalia Team: Mission Team / promoting relationships with children and families in sponsored mission sites Team: Ministry Outreach Team / ministry and service partnering other faith/community organizations Team: House Blessing Team / welcoming new parish members with a blessing and gift at their homes Team: Bereavement Team / liturgy planning and presence during wake and funeral rites

Team: Care Ministry team / recruiting volunteers to assist with outreach to our homebound

Team: New Parent Baptism Team / formation for parents celebrating Baptism into our faith community Team: Adult Formation Team / resources to grow our members' faith and knowledge

Team: Youth Board Team / spiritual, formation , service and social activities for our young persons

Team: Children's Liturgy of the Word Team / formation with the Sunday scriptures for younger children Team: Parish Capital Projects and Facilities Maintenance Team / inventorying physical plant need

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